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My idea is to have remote controlled Drones. There would be three types of drones: Small, medium and large (obviously). The small drone would be used for scout level activities, It would have two T1 attachment slots and have a battery life similar to a buggy. The medium drone would have double the power and have a T3 attachment slot, the medium drone would be useful for small cargo transport (I see this being useful in multiplayer). The large drone would have the battery life of a large rover and have a T4 attachment slot and would be useful for large cargo shipment.

In short the drones would be like the land vehicles but without the trouble of bumpy or weird terrain i.e. Vasania, however you do not go with the drone and instead stay at a drone dock and would really only be useful for multiplayer.


Drone dock - resin x2 aluminium x1

small drone - compound x1 aluminium x1

medium drone - plastic x2 aluminium x1

large drone - aluminium alloy x2 tungsten x2

I wanted to do some concept art buuuut i'm terrible art so....yeah 

Feel free to give your feedback and any criticism. 


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