Portable RTG tier 2 better recipe

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I think that an RTG tier 2 with enough power to power a portable oxygenator that would use 1 slot and would be extremely expensive would be a good idea. When i say extremely expensive, i mean 100,000 bytes, 5 double compacted nanocrbon alloy, because just heaps of nanocarbon alloy wouldn't make sense because it would be tiny, 4 compacted silicone, 10 compacted graphene and 1 triple compacted titanium alloy. I am saying "compacted" because the end game resources aren't hard enough to get and to make it harder, a "compacted" version could mean that it would go into a machine that would "compact" them by compressing two of the previous compact into one. Forexample a "double comoacted" compound would require two "compacted" compunds which would require two compound stacks each. Or there could be rarer resourcesadded. 

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Seriously? After all that, you still think its too powerful. I mean i get its powerful but for all that i'd argue the recipe is too much for the value of an infinite small generator. Jeese.


Also when i mean power on portable oxygenator, i mean 0.135 astrowatts which is half as much as the average of a small wind turbine in sylva and only gives you infinite oxygen if you perfectly time the on and off on the portable oxygenator every time. Compare 0.135 to 8 astros of the normal RTG. That is extremely little. This would only be useful in planets with low wind in caves and is extremely expensive and takes up another slot in an inventory already clutter up with mods and soil canisters.

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