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OK here is a detailed description of the problem

The save won't load. when I try the game gets stuck and puts enormous pressure on my GPU (which usually easily runs this game).
I have tried to reinstall the game but that does not help at all.
I have tried to delete the cloud save

What am I supposed to do here?

Not to mention the countless other bugs.
I mean the usually 20+ times you fall through the ground and have lost my items half of those times
That all the rovers that take more time to get unstuck than it would just tethering there
tunnels not loading for my friend in co-op that results in killing him
rockets sometimes not working for my friend in coop.
countless graphic-bugs (mostly with power indicators in battery turbines ext) but a looot of other stuff too.
I'm sorry for this but.
How can a game have tons of more bugs after a full release than before? I mean the beta testers can't have done their jobs very good.

Okay, I can live with these bugs (Although they are very annoying) BUT  when I can't load a save for no reason I get really annoyed.
My friend and I have poured 70 + hours each into that world.... please fix or I'm rather going to play Tetris instead cause there you don't have to spend more than a third of you playing time to try and solve bugs. and another third to reclaim the progress you lot to those bugs.

This may be a rant but I love this game but its so freaking sloppy like you threw the game out there to manage to release it on time.
I'de rather wait than to get my progress smashed. 


many people seem to have this issue. What can we do to get our saves going


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