Extremely odd multiplayer character deletion issues.

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I was connected to a friend's game and decided to relog to fix some world tearing issues.

On relogging, my character was deleted. We both tried restarting our games, but it didn't help. Defeated, I created a new character who spawned in a random location on the planet without oxygen. I disconnected before death.

On reconnecting, I was in the same random location but with my original character, who promptly died due to lack of oxygen.


I guess I'm reporting two bugs?

1. Character deleted in multiplayer session.

2. New character dropped at random location on planet surface, not at host's EXO habitat.

3? Reconnecting enough times (may) restore character settings?


I regret that I wasn't streaming during this. We'll probably be playing again tomorrow and I'll make a point to have OBS up so I can try to record it.

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