I'm playing in multiplayer where I have joined onto my husband's server. I have run into issues where when I clear terrain with the tool it ends up repopulating randomly over and over again and is making my game unplayable. These bugged terrain pixels don't show up on his side and my game is interacting with them as if they were still inside the game. It's created issues where I can't walk places because the pixels keep popping up and I can't build in certain areas because the game thinks those pixels still exist and are obstructing the equipment. I really enjoy playing this game but since this seems to only be happening on my end I'm not sure where to start with this. We are both playing on PC in the same house so it's not an internet issue. I don't notice this problem on single player on my own server. Here's some pics of the bugged out terrain pixels. Help!!! I'm not sure what other info you need. This doesn't actually make my game crash.