new augment for making true flat instantly


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Hi, I am a huge fan of Astroneer and I run across the consent problem of not having true flat. So I have an idea for a augment to get true flat.

You buy the schematic for 200 bytes (so you can start right away) and it makes a grid and you choose witch surface to make true flat. You choose any angle that a true flat can appear then it uses a certain amount soil in your canister(s) and it makes that shape that you click and drag ( height, with, and depth) for your shape and it shows how much soil your using. You can combine it with other augments like the terrain analyzer to make it that color, boost mod to build it faster, wide mod for thickness speed, and any other augment to help.

I hope that people at exo decide to have this idea. how can I get this idea to them?

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Good idea. It can be more convenient than new Leveling Block and this solves soil economy problem in survival mode.

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