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Doctor Plague

Bug: Enter Shuttle reset Character + holes

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While playing the game with my friend we have encountered a few bugs, a stressful one I have encountered: I was on the Glacio (Tundra Planet) collecting some resources (iron and research samples) filling every possible slot. I proceeded to press F on the Small Shuttle and it took control without me pressing launch/given the option to and took me to space. The screen began appearing from an unknown angle and flashing white rapidly. I knew I was in the menu because I could hear some traveling sounds when I tried to click v or c and I heard an oxygen tank running out, but I decided to quit and rejoin the session thinking it would bring me back to the location without the flashing screen - It did not and restarted my character on a new adventure. I returned to the location and the shuttle remains there, no sign of anything I was holding though.

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