Bugs I noticed so far in multiplayer

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1. Lag when tethers are placed if there are a lot in one continuous line. Disconnecting that line fixes it.

2. Sliding down a steep ramp to the core causes non host members to stop seeing the world, then go through it and shoot up to the nearest cave dying. To fix they have to dig the entire way down with the tool to reload.

3. one person rover seat sometimes glitches so that your camera is in the rover but you are not. Cant get out of it.

4. non host crashing on rocket takeoff if they are controlling it.

5. tether sometimes not going back into other tether groups in backpack.

6. don't know if its a bug but, if the item doesn't click to a port on a machine it will fall though it and you have to pick up and move the machine to get the it.

7. Sometimes joining the game resets your character look and you have to quit and rejoin to get your other character look back to normal.

8. mini solar panel on backpack glitches out and floats in the air above you. The other player will see his like that but not yours.

9. If the ground under a platform is flat and you use the flatten tool under the platform it sometimes launches it into the air.

PS. Love the game

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Also icon markers for ships and beacons on other planets show up in random spot in space while in ship solar system view and on planet surface.


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