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Hey all, long-time alpha player here returning to check out the final release.

Anyone have a for-sure list of which planets have which dynamic environmental hazards? Mostly thinking of the storms with flying rocks, unless more have been added.

In old builds I always used to have my main base on Barren (now Desolo) because it was the only planet with no storms. But in the current build I've spent several day/night cycles on the starter planet and haven't seen a storm yet. I'm wondering if they changed up which planets have storms, or if they just take a while to start occurring.

This might all be moot anyway since the RTG makes underground bases perfectly viable, but I'm still curious.


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The storms have been taken out of the game for now, as I understand it.

I believe they will be placed back eventually, maybe with weather or such, but for now, there are no storms.

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Scroll down this section and you'll find a long thread on storms. Reminds me a bit of alpha days when people were asking for guns to kill things.

Now that I have used the G-word and the K-word I'll go stand in the corner for 5 minutes as my well-deserved punishment.

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On 2/15/2019 at 1:00 PM, Petrataur said:

Whoops, didn't expect this to be a widely discussed topic. Sorry, thanks!

No worries, discussion is healthy and good ideas/suggestions can come out of it. And re-reading myself a couple days later, my comment comes across harsh, which wasn't my intention.

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