Released Astroneer on X-Box one


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I´am playing Astroneer on X Box one

Release Version

Bugs i found so far:

  • Lag after full build Station 
  • Game crashes when sliding 
  • Storage can't be taken of Tractor (Front) (found out, you can unplug storage if you unplug the Trailer)
  • Items still falling through the ground and disappear
  • Vehicle does not start after entering. Need to leave Vehicle and enter again. Sometimes three or more times. Vehicle was powered with RTG
  • Had once: Digging out big piece of space station, space station flying through the map, landing in my base. Same thing with a tree.

Why is there no option to quit the game without saving? As long as the Game has issues like loosing items, there should be the option to quit without saving, just to get Items back and save work.

I like the new trees and plants.




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Same here, on Xbox one X and still crashing even after the full release, seems the more items like tethers you place, the less stable the game becomes. Was 3/4 ways to core and game crashed. Wish there was a way to save without shutting down the game when your no where near a saving point.

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