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A feature that I would like very much to see would be icons for each of the ores/resources as options for the Beacons. With the very limited range of colours available at the moment, the screen can quickly become clogged with a disarray of blue and green dots. This can lead to confusion and Astroneers potentially getting lost as they try to follow their beacons home. If there were more options for icons & symbols then the player would have more flexibility and more confidence in locating points of interest and ores.

Below I have quickly thrown together an example for the ores, each ores beacon has the symbol for that particular ore making it easier for players to go back and find that big patch of Compound or what have you. I couldn't decide which of the two looked better, the original while outlined bubble or the inverse colours so I included both.

Beacon Resource Icons v2.png

Beacon Resource Icons.png

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We were having a discussion in another thread about naming beacons, but adding icons to beacons takes it a step further that's for sure.  It's in the same spirit of how Google Earth let you assign an icon to a push pin.

I appreciate your mock-up images, @handofthesly

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