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PapaSmurph - Steam - (Multiplayer) Falling through space, now cannot join game

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In multiplayer (two player).

Was driving around in tractor.  Stopped and deformed terrain near tractor without thinking. Tractor started to quicksand in ground (bouncing up and down a little bit).  I quickly jumped back into the tractor to hopefully drive off and not loose another one!  Instead of entering tractor, my character was floating through space.  Could open backpack and research panels, but could not move or jump, just kind of floating.  Exited game (the other player was host).  Rejoined and now the camera shows me stuck about halfway into the ground. Cannot look around, backpack and research panels don't open.  All keys seem inactive.  After maybe 5 second, game returns me to main menu screen, but the "start single player" game tab is missing. The main menu is not quite right. Exited again, and other player exited.  Both restart and same thing happens to me.  The other player is fine, but for me the save game is corrupted.


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