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Xbox 1 version Bugs and Crashes

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While playing the Xbox 1 version I've run into a number of bugs and glitches. The most annoying to me has been the Vehicles, mainly them becoming stuck in holes or caves and trying to "build" them out causes me to be sucked into the ground if I add texture near my feet. This causes me to float about in what would be the ground, although it becomes see through when this happens, until I can find a way out usually by bringing the actual ground level down to where I am floating.. Also occasionally as a game is loaded that has a free standing vehicle, or one attached to the base as well for I tried to attach it, ends up being sucked into the ground as well.. I thought It was gone for good, but as I tried to dig it out I found it was being dragged into a cave that was below my base that I was unaware of; Also inside the cave, various supplies and storage containers I thought had gone rogue. Apparently they were unaware that I placed them at ground level.

The frame rate problem is becoming a deal breaker.. the farther I progress the more the game slows down, to a point that it becomes unbearable... This game is fun, please fix it. 

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