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Originally posted on Steam forums Feb. 12th:

Decided to use recommended Steam's bug report example. Hope it helps.


Currently using a 4x Large Rover train, and 3rd/4th rovers get stuck, each time I leave and try to drive off again. 1st and 2nd rovers move correctly, for the most part, except the other two prevent the train to move forward.

It appears that fiddling with the tethers connecting the various rovers is possibly a fix, unsure of that statement, yet I can get it moving after a few tries. This issue happens EVERY time I leave the rover and it's a pain in the ass to travel and work.

As for the contents of the rover at the time of this report's creation:

1x large battery
1x RTG
1x Oxygenator
1x Solar Panel
2x Large Storage
8x Medium Storage with (battery, packager, 1x ammonium, 8x tethers, 1x extenders)
1x Winch
1x Medium Shredder
1x Crane + Drill Strength 3
3x Worklights

Further info found while writing this report.

The front and rear wheels will behave in an abnormal manner, as shown below. The middle axles in all rovers also shake and jerk, unknown if this is caused by the bug, or normal axle behaviour.




Not having items in any of the rovers except for the seats, doesn't make the issue go away.

All vehicles are powered.

Currently in Calidor, but it was persistent in Sylva too.

Turning off "Absolute Steering" has no apparent effect.

Vehicles are located at surface level.

Issue happens at base, out of base and underground.

Issue happens every single time, no exception so far.

Vehicles seem to work indefinitely, until I exit them. Then the bug occurs.

Bug doesn't seem to be resolved with time, as it has been aproximately 30 minutes since I started writing this report, with the game running in the background.

Graphical settings are set to max, no experimental clouds.

Haven't changed any key-bindings.

If dug underneath, the rovers will begin sliding forward, has no effect on the bug.

Exiting and re-entering the seats, multiple times, seems to have no effect.

All other vehicles work properly, namely: The tractor + 3x trailer, buggy. (Haven't had an encounter with the medium rover yet.)

Entering the crane has no effect.

Shuffling items around, adding and removing "heavy" items to rear end trailers has no effect.

Using keyboard and mouse.



Version /Build Number: 1040



OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134)
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8 CPUs), 4.0GHz
RAM: 16384MB RAM
Drive: Samsung SSD 750 EVO 250GB

Feb. 14th EDIT: Issue is still present, and I can confirm that the tethers are somewhat linked to the issue, as removing and connecting a few times makes the bug go away, until you exit the rovers again.


Hope this report helps, good luck and good job!

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Feb. 16th EDIT - Post 1.0.6 update: Issue is stil present.

Note: " Vehicles will sometimes not respond to input, causing repeated enters and exits before resuming normal operation (Update: turns out this might happen when other inputs are held while entering. Should be fixed in next week's patch)" as written in the Patch notes.

Tried this several times, but my issue is persistent, and did not change.

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Feb. 25th EDIT - Post 1.0.7 update: Issue is stil present.

Patch notes still notifies players that the issue is still occuring and should be fixed next patch.

I'm praying heavily for that fix, can't wait to start playing again.

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March 1st EDIT - Post 1.0.9 update: Issue seems to have been evicted from Astroneer.

After entering and exiting the rover train 40+ times, no issues were detected.

Will update if anyting comes up again.


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