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I was digging a hole on Desolo and heard a gasser. I did not want to progress fearing that I would open a path for it. I have reached the tougher grey soil layer. If I continue to dig down, is it possible that I would run into a cave? Are there no caves below this layer?

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Just explore it. If you use a tractor or rover with the correct drill head, you can cut through it, and if you sit in s roverseat, the gassar wont attack, till you get out. Or you can just run on it with drillhead on :D

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30 minutes ago, agentldz said:

What are you trying to find mineral wise?I thing you can get every thing there at the top of the planet.  

This is outdated. I finally became brave enough to dig down and there was a cave but no threat. I was not looking for a mineral.


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I was looking for the Gateway Engine at the core.

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