"Mortar" plants not working in deeper caves


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On Glacio in the 6th or 7th cave layer (one cave layer before the cave layer with the big purple towers) I found some "Mortar Plants", the ones that throw red bulbs filled with toxic gas that explode after a set amount of time at you, that didn't seem to work correctly due to the lower gravity that's present in the deeper caves. Watch this: https://streamable.com/doybw

Due to the lower gravity the red bulbs that are supposed to land near the player's position at the time the red bulb was thrown midair are flying through the air for way too long and don't even hit the ground once, hence the mortar plants can't actually damage the player even if they try, unlike the mortar plants at the surface or in the upper caves of the planet.

This is how you could fix this behaviour: make it so

  1. the red bulbs that they throw are unaffected by gravity
  2. the red bulbs explode shortly after they hit the ground once
  3. the mortar plants throw the red bulbs at lower angles and with different amounts of power behind each throw
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