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Updated and more extensive and centralized Astropedia

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The Astropedia in the game is an extremely great idea but I would really love to see it updated with a LOT more useful information.

A single Astropedia (replace the current F1 functionality and bring up the Astropedia instead) window. This could easily be a table of contents when you first load it up which could have links to many different sections of the Astropedia (including the getting started information that F1 currently brings up). Sections could include Getting Started, Planets, Resources, Machines, Power or something along these lines.

I'd love to see more information on the front page of each of these sections. For instance, the planets section could show all of the planets in smaller thumbnails so I can click on the one I want to jump to instead of needing to page through them all. Same for all of the sections. A main "table of contents" that lets your jump to each things full page.

Links between pages. If another thing is referenced on another page, it should link to that things page. Like every wiki ever. This game has a lot of depth and being able to click through to see the cascading list of things you might need to know would be very nice.

Much more actual data! The biggest hurdle as a newer player jumping into this game was knowing what a lot of the things did. Obviously we can tell what a generator does. But there's no information anywhere in the game that tells us what the Medium Generator is fueled by. Or how much power it outputs. There's no information about carbon and how much power it produces. Or what recipes might use this material. Right now, researching things is a big guessing game because there is very little information about what each machine really does and how well it does it. I'd love to see real numbers (that can be pulled directly from the game in an ingame wiki) for everything.

Obviously this kind of data can all be found in an actual online wiki but I would find it much nicer to have all of this information directly in the game that can be updated automatically when balancing things change.

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