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Fix for camera not following character around.

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After spawning into a game save from yesterday, I found that my character view was pinned to the habitat.  I could only spin my view 360 degrees around the habitat as if it were my character view but view is locked to the hab and cannot move away.  Meanwhile, from that view point I can watch my  character happily run off into the distance without me until (presumably) dying, i dont get to witness that part because the camera is back at base.  If I run straight outward from the hab using W pressing S will make my character run straight back.  Left / right mouse control are also reversed for the return trip. 

Anyhow, strange bug.  If this happens, the work around is to run your character away from any tethers and let it die, you will respawn with the camera corectly attatched to your player model.


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