Steam - 1.0.4 - Non-host players catapulted to space upon entering ANY VEHICLE

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My friend and I started a new world at the 1.0 update. Everything was working fine, including small shuttles used by both players. After the 1.04 update, my friend (not the host) is catapulted to space everytime he enters a vehicle, and the vehicle doesn't move. The first vehicle he tried to enter after the update was a tractor, if that makes any difference.

We cannot play the game together until this is fixed.

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I am also experiencing this. And I have photos! To prove it! It seems that as I enter a seat of any kind, I spazz out a little bit, and am catapulted in a direction. I clip through terrain, still in the seated animation, and sometimes end up in what I can only assume is deep space, as I can't even see the planets. Sometimes, however, I am luckier and end up in the ground, get launched up, and die on the surface. Most of the time, I lose everything by dying in the literal middle of nowhere. This happens when I'm playing with one of my friends through multiplayer, them hosting. I have not tested it with more than one person on the server. For now, I would recommend emptying your pockets if you're not the host, and you're getting in a chair, because we've lost many an oxygen tank to this nasty glitch. I'm trying to test further, I think it might have something to do with the distance between me and the chair?

However, on the plus side, it does make for some pretty screenshots.


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