MatteiusPrime - Steam - Win 10 x64 - No Route to Planet Core

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I don't know the new planet names off heart and reference materials are not caught up to 1.0.

I am on the larger exotic planet, I've activated all 6 surface nodes, and dug down. There is no entry to the core node as far as I can see.

This is my third planet, I've been to the core of two others, but this one simply has no visible pylons sticking out of the unbreakable stone. I've spent close to an hour searching the lowest caves, then a good minutes randomly mining along the unbreakable stone, then mined to the south pole, and all the way around to the north pole.

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Really? I've only gone by hand til this, I can give that a try. I could certainly see it as possible that it's a lack of knowledge over a bug. I'll try that (tomorrow) and report back.

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