3 Augments at once. Dependent on order of placement

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I'm noticing that the augments are very dependent on the order you put them on your gun. If you want to use Boost, Wide, and Drill 1, you have to put them on your gun in order of Boost, Drill, then Wide. If you do Boost, Wide, then Drill, when the drill is put on, the Wide mod will turn red, turning the augment off.  If you then pick up the wide mod, and put it back on the gun, all 3 will turn green.  Not sure if this is intended or not. 

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Seems to apply only when narrow and or wide mod is involved. Other mods you can shift click into place for quicker swapping. but the wide and narrow must be manually dragged in order to activate. Been like this for as long as i can remember.

Would be better if they would just make them behave like the terrain analyzers, where the topmost slot mod gets priority.

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