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More Survival Aspect´s

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Active Oxygen Production (using Atmospheric Condensator) and/or splicing/combining Elements *supports fuel production*

Active Water Production (Water Reclaimer) and/or splicing/combining Elements *supports hunger system* *supports fuel production*

Farming (using Water/Light/Heat) to create nutritional supplements *requires hunger system* *the ability to use waste as farming supplement aka. Mark Whatney "Farming in my own Shit"

means to heat the habitat *which will need an habitat the player can enter and move around in*

need to sleep *requires an habitat*

actual dead biomes *such as the starting planets moon but lifeless *no means to produce organic based ressources*

automated resupply via shuttle *for bases unable to aquire certain ressources* *given the home base has such ressources in storage*

enviromental influences such as extreme heat (hot jupiters) or extreme cold (such as Europa) strong winds *which affects the player and/or his constructions

the possibilty to exploit Gas Giants *if implemented* via hovering constructions in the upper Atmosphere


Oceans and/or Lakes maybe even Rivers .....  if possible


just some thoughts.....

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