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How to solve the tether lag issue

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Many people have complained about lagging when you have large tether lines - which can happen more often now that we might want to dig to the center of the earth to open teleport gateways, not to mention long lines to surface gates. 

It turns out the problem happens because if you connect separate lines to the same source (ie the base) or branch, that counts as all one giant line that needs to be updated when you add a tether. The way around this is to use the oxygenator that you build for the shuttles to produce oxygen. It happily works without power just as long as it's on a platform, and if you get tether lag, you can put long lines on their own private network using an oxygen machine, such as those mega long lines to the center of the earth or overland routes to the Gate. Voila, 500 tethers go to 250 or less and no more lag on any of them! 

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