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Kev Cunning

Xbox help

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Just a little note to help some Xbox players with stability a little (still not good but playable)

first of all turn broadcast and capture off in settings.

cloase all applications other than astroneer

think about what you NEED at your home base (generally the busiest and laggiest part for me) 

move to other planets and set up small utility bases but don’t over do it, ie: no need for extra smelter and things like that.

Repackage things like the atmospheric condenser and scrapper and take them with you. 

Having only one type of module in your split system seams to help

teathers are a no go. I use 2 oxygen canisters and pick up resin to make oxygen filters. Only make the filters as you need them. I carry 2 or 3 bits of resin and that can keep me going for ages ( about an hour on a good run but if I find more resin which I tend to do a lot even longer) 

hopefully the stability improves over the coming weeks, progress has been slow but stick at it astroneers

side not, so jelly of those smooth running steam players.. I wish :( 

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Do you have an X or orginal? I am using an Orginal Xbox from launch and its slow sometimes buy like you said playable. I was considering upgrading to an X to run better or should I go new PC? Love this game!

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