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I'm disappointed and sad that the terrain glitch made it to 1.0

You get one by your base and you have to constantly be careful not to fall into it and float through and suffocate or get shot through the planet to other side or shot into space. This is game breaking. It's been there since the first early Alpha.  I really though this would be fixed by full release.  It makes me sad. I'm thinking this might be a bug that can't be fixed due to the game engine or something. 


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Tell me about!
I was visiting the Desolo moon for the 1st time since the 1.0 update. I was in a large cave, large enough to easily get lost. Then all of a sudden something made me jump to the next cave level up, I had no idea where I was! I had to improvise a tunnel up to the surface asap before I suffocated. Luckily I made it up in time. But yeah, that was not much fun. 
Not the same type of bug, but in another occasion my tractor started sinking as in moving sands along with the other 2 trailers. I almost lost them. But I ended up deep under, in a cave. I was just happy I didn't have to loose the vehicles.

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