Backpack Printer "Page Indicator" Dots?

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When using the Small Medium and Large Printers, it's amazing how those page indicator dots help ground your "position" in a looped menu when you only have two buttons to navigate through the choices, as you can see in the Medium Printer example image below.

They are missing from the backpack printer, and I think it would really help speed up the navigation if they were there, even though it's a bit visually dense (maximum 26 printable items) it would still help the user to know "where" your item is in the printable list.  I added them in the second image below to see how it would look.  There is even available space.  As with the other printer menus, dots would appear as the items are researched. 

Perhaps there is another way to show this?  Not a crucial addition to the game, but it sure would help speed up backpack printer navigation and make the user interfaces more consistent across all the printers.


Backpack Page Indicator Dots - Printer.png

Backpack Page Indicator Dots..png

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Yeeees please. countless times scrolling like crazy and have no idea where im going

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