Pre-fab terrain tool or new augment idea

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Been playing this game since almost from the beginning and still enjoy it. The most recent patch again has made me enjoy the game even more. With all that said I just wanted to share an idea I had that I think would work well in the game. 

I think it would be good to have some kind of prefab terrain option. What I mean by that is when you are just digging a hole diagonal into the ground in hopes of finding great and much needed cave resources I find myself a lot of times spending lots of time trying to get the terrain at the angle I want in order to make a nice ramp downward into a big cave. Like the two pictures below2078210565_ASTRONEERScreenshot2019_02.10-19_30_50_22.thumb.png.f4fc54a5fe9ab1f36fd6f2b7138c2e67.png



It would be much better to have the terrain tool be able to make basic 3-d shapes one being a ramp in my case or a bridge. It would be up to the devs to determine if making a shape would require dirt in a canister or add dirt to one or maybe require something else entirely. I think the idea is useful because this way it would be much easier once your base is established on the surface you can start to get vehicles involved in the caves or setup a satellite base below. 



Some more pictures to try to get the idea better.


You start here.



You would select the terrain tool and select the prefab you wanted to make and press the LMB.


The idea is it would automatically make a ramp or whatever.


Something like this (this was of course done manually and it would not look as ugly)




Another way to do this instead of a prefab terrain tool is to give us a cutter augment. The cutter mod cut be used to cut the terrain at certain angles to allow you to flatten out the terrain at that angle, the mod could even be made to be used with the wide and narrow mods as well to allow for making bigger or smaller cuts. 


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Great idea. Just not another mod. juggling em is kind of a hazzle and takes up much backpack space.

Maybe accessible like the flatten function? access other shapes in a similar way. Could require unlocking through research. Would love to have the current alignment mod accessible in a similar manner also.

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I’m picturing two mods right now

1. The leveling mod: when equipped and the flatten tool is equipped is will always make a perfectly level bit of land, and if one were to use it all the way across the planet it would curve with the planet 

2. The ramp Mod: when using the flatten tool the ramp will be straight and descend at a 45 degree angle but will not conform to the planets curve

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