Beacon or X-ray mode to search for lost rovers.

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Periodically, I lose vehicles falling through or stuck in textures. When playing alone, the chance to find them is very small. Beacons in this situation help weakly - they are far from visible, especially in the caves. Is it possible to return markers for rovers and make their display global regardless of the terrain (can be done as enabled / disabled).

Or add a new item with radar functionality - allowing you to detect lost rovers.

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I like the homing beacon/scanner idea. Although I have not lost many vehicles in the game having the ability to find one that is lost gives you the opportunity, and challenge, to retrieve it. A different scanner used to find your base might be a good addition too. People get lost, and I've done that myself, having a device that allows you to get home would be useful. Also, having it as a device gives the player the option as to whether they want to build/use one.

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