Version 1.0.4 Steam Gateway Chamber Unable to Open

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This bug occurred for me after attempting to power the gateway chamber on Desola. I first tried to use small generators, I used 5 but need at least 8. So, I went and got the amount I need and the organic need to power them. As it was powering up two of the generators ran out of power as the last rectangle was going down. I did not have the organic to fill it up so the gateway chamber seemed to freeze at the point of all the rectangles being down. I was puzzled by this so in attempt to fix it I saved and quit then re-entered the game. This created the effect found in the video. The gateway chamber just wont power up no matter what. I even built 2 RTG's to see if it was a power issue and I don't think it is. Now that was only the first gateway chamber on Desola. The second one (seen in the video) created the same effect but this time I have no idea what caused it. I simply came to it with 8 generators and enough organic to power them all twice. The same effect happened but for what reason I do not know. I hope this is enough information to fix this as I would really like to continue across all the planets but the fact that I can not complete Desola just makes me not want to continue with this save.                                     link to the video of the bug - 


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The same thing happened to me with the chambers on Sylvia! System Era...please fix this...I don’t want to have to drop my at least 25 hour save.

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