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1.0.4 - Steam - Large Rover doesn't move(video included)

Description: Hi, i created 3 large rovers and attached them to the first one which has a medium rover seat. It doesn't matter what is them. If you attach 3 large rovers, then look away and then try to drive them, they won't move unless you deattach the rover with the seat, drive it a bit, reattach it and in the worst case scenario dig under every rove. I am pretty sure it is intended to have up to 3 large rovers attached to each other because if you do what i said, they move normally and the tractor can be attached to 3 trailers. i think this is because the game thinks they are debree, not sure though.

Steam / Xbox One / Windows 10 Store

Version / Build Number: 


  • OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1607 | Build 17134
  • CPU: Intel i7 7700k 4GHZ
  • GPU: GTX 1070ti 6GB
  • RAM: Corsair 4x8GB DDR4 3600GHZ 
  • Drive: Samsung 500GB

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