Seriously frustrated to the point of quitting

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I built a large space shuttle in a multiplayer game.

My friend joined the game, and we wondered "hey can I put a rover seat on there and we can both fly together?"

so I had a backpack full of gear. I had stuff like oxygenator, thruster, medium generator, medium battery, etc. The kind of stuff you think is special and you should take it to a new base with you.

The kind of stuff you spend your last resources making because you're heading somewhere new.

I placed the rover seat on the large shuttle. It was the second highest thing that it could carry.

I got in. We both laughed. I pressed F, I got out and landed on top of the shuttle. I jumped down, it almost killed me. My friend did the same. We laughed.

My friend suggested "hey, maybe if you put it on the lowest rung it won't do that." 
"Good idea" I thought. I rearranged it so that the rover seat was on the lowest rung.

I got in, to test it. I got out.............

and sank through the rocket, through the earth into the lowest chasm chamber in the centre of the planet.
With all my stuff.
And there I died.

At this point, 1. I wanted that stuff back. 2. We needed to do the centre of the earth thing, so I felt it worthy to go for a search and rescue.

I dug. And I dug. And I dug.

And I built ramps that went further than you can see. Literally, you look back up, into black sky.

I found the cavern, but then I was killed by popcoral or something, and goodbye stuff.

I packed compound, and I searched the compass points two tether packs each. After that was done, and I had not found my gear, I gave up.

I collected the malochite and the ammonium and such that I had gathered and walked back home.

And then I saw this



What once was a lovely tunnel with tethers is now invisible desynched viewable space.

I looked in there, I saw to my right a field of laterite. I harvested to it, to prove what I was seeing was true.

I harvested one laterite, brought it back and threw it at the tether. It bounced on the tunnel that I cannot see, which must truly exist.

So I stepped forward.

I was lunged into the sky, and I hit the ceiling somewhere and i landed in a new chamber, with only one hope, find a tether, which I did.

But once I started following it, I was lunged into the sky again and this time I died, in an unknown chamber in an unknown direction.

I ran back down from respawn, only to find my tether tunnel fully walled in, and tethers running into the soil.

I started to dig. No hope. I turned around, and turned back, and the tunnel was there.

I started to run down the tunnel, and there was more desynch, to the point where I lost my direction, stepped into a tiny glitch of nothing, and sank into the earth into a new unknown chamber

I died again and again, and I'm done.

I should have been having a pleasant journey to another planet, and I just frustratingly fell into the earth's core to my detriment.

Fantastic launch, Astroneer.

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