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Walls and Floors Disappear Multiplayer

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Since 1.0 launch, I have been playing multiplayer with friends.  Whenever going to their worlds, we experience a host of errors.  2 have been addressed in the patch notes for 1.0.4: the tractor was not responding to input, and I had a trailer get sucked underground while I was driving a tractor (quicksand on ground I had placed.)  We have been having serious FPS spiking on the hosting machine once multiple gates are activated or if we get too far apart.  We have had tethers stop rendering tether lines after we have placed enough to wrap the entire world.

Today, playing 1.0.4 in multiplayer joining a friend's world on Steam, we experienced a strange host of errors with walls and floors.  These have continued since launch.  Today, I accidentally walked into one and got floated back up to the surface.  When being the host, I did not experience as many of these issues.  One easy way we had to repair some of the issues was that the host had to come and refresh the area by using their terrain tool around where the visual error was.





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