Samurai Jack

Navigation, purple things, drill usage.

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I tend to get horribly lost and would appreciate any navigation tips anyone can offer. I feel like I need to drop breadcrumb beacons every 10 feet... Is there a way to see the compass while you're in a vehicle? Although the planets are so small that the compass feels kind of useless, but every little bit helps.

On the starting planet at least, can I assume the purple things are at the north and south poles and the rest along the equator? By the way it would be nice if the glowy pillars marking their locations didn't vanish once they're activated, they should just change color. I need every scrap of help I can get to keep from getting hopelessly lost! Also is there an official name for the purple things?

Finally when you have the drill mounted on a tractor or rover, is there a way to control the angle of it other than your camera angle? Getting it to dig up is an eternal struggle, and if do manage to get it to dig up I'm basically blind because my screen is filled with rover. I'd love to be able to set an absolute angle and have it stick there until I change it.

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Step 1:

make a trail from the closest big purple to your base

Step 2:

memorize the big purple number that is closest to your base


next time you get lost use to compass to go to the north or South Pole where the big purple is then use it to teleport to the one near your base if you need to get the vechile home i think you can repackage it and carry it back but don’t quote me

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