Windows 10 Game does not launch on primary monitor


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I am running a three monitor setup on my windows 10 PC. 

Monitor 1 (Primary is a 4k

Monitor 2 is 1920x1200 (the monitor Astroneer launches onto)

Monitor 3 1920x1080 (seems to be unaffected)


I cannot get the game to move over onto Monitor 1 4k without putting the game into windowed mode and then dragging it over. Then the game thinks it is still on monitor 2 1920x1200 so it does not give me the option to run in 4k at all. This is a game breaking bug that NEEDS to be fixed. For now I cannot play Astroneer because the max resolution I can get it up to is 2560x1600 and it does not look good on my 4k. 


I would be of much help if someone can contact me and help me find a solution or let me know when the bug is patched.


Thank You, System Era, for creating such a great game that I enjoyed (for a really long time) before this bug. 


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