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The EASY clan(18+): share your game experience, get answers, and chill with other folks in a LIVE environment

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Hey folks!

So we picked up a few members from the last post and it has been great being able to chat directly with folks who are working on the same things as you and sharing anything we figure out along the way. There is a lot left to finish and a few things left to figure out but it sure speeds it up when you can get answers live.

A lot of folks like to run astro solo, as i do unless someone needs direct help, but one of my favourite things is sharing pics and clips of what i am up to in game and seeing other folks stuff.

We use an app called BAND to chat outside of the game, it has a lot of useful tools and tabs for posting and chatting. Its free and doesnt require a phone number, and runs on all mobiles and on pc browser.

Just throw on the app and follow the link below to check it out!

Hey, join our 'EASY clan - Astroneer' group on BAND - The app for groups and communities! https://band.us/n/aeaezaQ7pbq3g


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