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First of all love the game and have been enjoying at normal resolutions. I've just moved to an ultra-wide monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio and while the game scales horizontally it doesn't seem to adjust FOV correctly in the vertical plane. I've tried looking for some quick fixes by editing a config file here and there with no success.

Find attached pictures of the issues of running at these aspect ratios as you can see parts of the equipment are cut off from view.

I know this sort of thing will be quite low on your priority list right now but with ultra-wide monitors becoming more and more popular especially 21:9 ratio's could we see some sort of support or fix for this?






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That fix no longer works.   Almost like it was removed on purpose.   Makes the game unplayable at uber-wide aspect ratios.  Worked fine all through alpha.  :(

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Yes my friend had used the work around in the early access versions but once 1.0 dropped he lost his FOV change that allowed him to use 5760x1080 with Eyefinity. The same fix doesn't work any longer. 

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A year has passed. Any news on 32:9 ultrawide support?

It would be great if Astroneer had some kind of FOV setting avialable and interface adapted for ultrawide monitors.

I've searched thoroughly for any kind of solution, met several reports about this problem, and nothing seems to be working now.

Is there even any hope for this?

On 2/9/2019 at 12:35 PM, Wyvyrias said:


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When will you fix the FOV settings? We saw someone at PAX East 2019 and they said it was being looked at but still nothing. It worked all through Early Access, albeit with some tweaks to some settings files, but at least you could edit a file quickly and fix the FOV. Now you have to hex edit the game in order for it to work??? Come on guys. To not be able to support ultra wide monitors or Eyefinity/Nvidia Surround in this day and age is rather short sighted. Let's get rolling on this eh??

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