Dedicated Servers and Future Updates

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I wasn't really sure where to put this so please move it if necessary. 

First, Congrats to the System Era on rolling out an amazing game. I have enjoyed this game since Jan 17' so I've seen it grow and change through the pre-alpha and alpha days. Again, congrats. 

Dedicated Servers

I wanted to speak to dedicated servers. I was disappointed that dedicated servers didn't make the 1.0 release but, I am definitely in favor of finished features than rushed/stripped down features.

  1. My main question is will we be able to migrate our local saves over to the dedicated server environment? 
  2. Related to the question above, will we have to start fresh new saves? 
  3. I believe this was confirmed, but will Steam and Xbox be able to cross play?
  4. Will I be able to move between my xbox and steam pc with the dedicated environment? Meaning, can I play on my PC and then move over to my xbox and keep progress? 
  5. I am guessing there will be a monthly cost to System Era/Chosen Third Party?
  6. Will we have the ability to grant players the ability to play on the dedicated server if we are not there? 

Future Updates

I know according to the roadmap there is already a line of features planned for Astroneer.

  1. My main question is will we see further story content through updates and/or even paid DLCs / expansions (I know we are far from this, but just thinking longevity of the game)

Thanks for reading. 



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In addition to what have been asked, will we be able to self-host a dedicated server ?

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I believe this belongs in general discussion 

And if its a dedicated server that means anyone can play on it even if the owner isn’t online 

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As much as I would love to have the dedicated servers be online ASAP, I think SES should devote their full attention for now in addressing the "storm" of bugs and performance/stability issues that currently plague 1.0. If dedicated servers come with the same multiplayer issues which makes it almost unplayable, then what's the point?

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