Windows 10 64-bit - Novus Underground: I was shot into the sky

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I was happily exploring a cavern under Novus when I was suddenly shot straight up through the rock and soil, high above the planet surface.  Gravity brought me down quickly to the surface, but my collision with the ground caused my untimely death.

This happened 3 times before I started to get afraid to go below ground on this new moon.

Could not find this bug in a search of the forum, but it was hard to find a decent search term.

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Yes, sounds like a similar bug, except I am in a roomy cavern, not a tight space, and I get shot up through the rock like a human circus cannonball.

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Had the same experience while digging a tunnel, got shot up to the surface. Incidentally I was searching for Lithium and got dropped near a large deposit. I was even close enough to my base to not suffocate while running to said base :) Also, while on the surface, I regularly got shot up into the air like standing of one of those tongue like plants (don't know how they're called).

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