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1 hour ago, Crystal Carpenter said:

Is it just xbox one players that are having this issue because since 1.0 I've experienced a tremendous amount of lag during my solo gamely anyone else having this problem

We're waiting for an update, it's with Microsoft for certification. Hopefully it's out into in the next 12hrs. Steam got it on the the first day, but Microsoft wouldn't do the update and patch at the same time. 

I've found it a superb help to not use tethers. 

Note that the 1.0.3 update will be a good fix, but not perfect. Further optimisation and bugfixing is being worked on. 

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On 2/8/2019 at 10:59 PM, Caleb Fowler said:

Ok good since your a mod if u can tell system era that we Xbox player are thankful that they are listening to their community

I am sure they' aware. ❤️


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