[STEAM] Placing Tether drops framerate for all players

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Whenever someone in a multiplayer game is dropping a tether, the framerate for the whole team drops for a second or so. That disrupts gameplay and basically makes us play without tethers as much as possible. We tried disconnecting the larger networks, no change. Unfortunately we also cant delete tethers so we now have a save game with a lot of tethers where we cant place any new ones without stuttering.

I assume you're checking the whole network every time one is placed, which leads to the stutters.


I have a Ryzen 1600 with 16GB RAM and a 1060. 

Version 1.0.4

Windows 10

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Yeah, every time you modify the tether network, the game will pretty much update all of them at once. If you split the networks (use oxygenators), the lag should be gone...probably. Make sure you're really not touching any of those huge networks.

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