getting stuck inside the unpowered teleporter whilst after pluging in without gifing suficient power

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I stood on top of the Platform where [the power puts down the Blocks as long as you have enough power].    edit: {plug in power and they jump up dont 

have enough power and get stuck I gouldn´t get out the cables were unreachable and the buggy was to far away (i saw him through a gap.}


i pluged in a unpowered generator chain and i got stuck [if you´d save it would be a Soflock].     

fixed by reloading from latest Rover entery Save point.


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specification of first lane

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I have this exact same issue, I tried quitting and reloading the game but my save is in the unpowered teleporter. Please tell me if you know a way to get this fixed or something because I have 50 hours on this save and really don't want to restart.

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1) if you have your vehicle in visibility you can try to enter it. If it is far away, enable terrain tool (Q) - it will increase operation range.

2) if you have earth in containers or in reachable range - just build a road to stay.

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