Tractor Bugs/Improvements

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I've been playing 1.0 a lot since it came out. In that time, I've noticed a couple things about the tractors.

1) they glitch into the ground. Mine does this about 2/3 of the time.

2) Tractors are the only vehicle I've seen that doesn't have headlights - it just uses the player's light. The tractor's body prevents light from falling right in front of the tractor, and I've fallen into deep holes twice now because the light didn't show them.

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I have the PC version and have experienced the same with the tractor as I was driving along. I fell through ground into a cave below the surface. I quickly jumped off the tractor and somehow managed to appear at the surface but died. I remembered with the beta versions that you could find missing items and quickly marked the position of where my stuff was. Afterward, I went back to the site and found the stuff that was in my backpack on the surface. Next, I dug down to find the missing tractor and found it in the first cave below the surface.

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