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[ Steam on Windows 10 PC] Reverse gravity causes fall to sky and back to earth

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On Desolo, I have encountered this bug three times so far.  Gravity reverses and my astroneer falls up and then is dropped back down again.  In all three cases I was at a landing site near the pole on the left side (viewed from space).

  1. Above ground, looking at the sky to track the movement of the sun.  I had my camera angle looking up while standing still.  Fell up, then plunged down to death.
  2. Below ground, tunneling down at a moderately step angle. (50-55 degrees?)  As I was tunneling, I fell up, through the ceiling and above ground level.  Then I plunged back down to my death.
  3. Below ground, walking in a cavern.  In this case, I fell up only 4-5 feet before coming back down.  Enough to injure me (red clouded vision), but not to kill me.

It seems like the severe form of the bug is more likely when you have a severe camera angle (looking up or down), but I don't have steps for reproducing on demand.

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