Resource balancing may be off.

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Luckily I made tethers of the 2 compound I collected from the small deposit and eventually a large deposit at the limit of my tethers

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4 hours ago, vvhorus said:

That's just RNG. My game had tons of both resin and compound around my landing position. Like @Capt_Harpoon said, keep starting new games until you get a good one. Shouldn't take long...

Yeah same, I can't stop finding resin and compound .... it's pretty much everywhere I look and runs deep into the ground on every pile. It's great :)

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If your having problems with resin and compound get a soil extractor STAT they are very helpful and get you a lot of compound and resin

(I thought that there was a system that there’s a bare minimum of one decent compound and resin deposite near your spawn guess not, that or you got glitched)

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