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평평한 땅을 만들기 위해 노력해도 넓은 땅을 하기는 무리입니다. 그래서 생각해낸 것이 도로를 만들 때 사용하는 로드 롤러를 만들어 그것이 공사하는 길은 차량이 지나가도 흔들거려 번거롭게 넘어갈 일이 없는 평평한 도로를 빨리 만드는 것입니다.

그리고 기타 공사할 때 쓰이는 중장비 등등 많은 중장비가 추가되었으면 합니다

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Hi, @개인카드

I Google translated your suggestion from Koren. 

To summarize, I believe you said you wished you could make flat terrain more easily, because it is not easy with the current terrain mods, so you suggested a road roller so you can flatten the terrain.  You also suggest adding more heavy equipment I would assume for more terrain sculpting tasks.

Great suggestion.  I had never thought of levelling Astroneer terrain in terms of a road roller

I would suggest this as a vehicle tool, like the drill head or the winch, with the same tier-2 (medium) attachment.  Attaching it to the front or back of your rover will cause the rover to move at 1/4 the speed, but flatten the terrain.  The game mechanic to flatten terrain would be averaging the height of the rectangular area under the roller making a flat path left by the roller.  Perhaps, just like the Terrain Analyzer augmentation, it can store different colors of terrain, so you can paint/pave the "road" you create in different colors!

I like the idea of making roads from the seat of the vehicle rather than walking around with a Terrain Tool equipped with an Alignment Mod.  Again, great suggestion!




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