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Several multiplayer bugs

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Tried multiplayer for the first time today. Host never seems to have any issues however, the person joining seems to usually have one of or a combination of the following

Various graphical glitches such as nodes of resources floating in previously mined areas. This happens sometimes when a small bit of terrain is left floating with a node on it however these are definitely not there.

Every second connection attempt it seems that the camera does some very strange things. Its very hard to describe so i can attach a video if needed. The camera detaches from the player and goes through the ground. If right click is used to look around then it will move through the ground across the entire planet.

Things such as small shuttles and other placed objects seem to disappear randomly. They can reappear and disappear again at any random point, they also seem to often reappear and disappear when the person connecting disconnects and reconnects. The player is also able to just walk through them like they aren't there at all however the host won't have any issue with this.

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Also because I don't know how to edit and forgot to mention, the little vacuum thing on the backpack also often glitches for the connecting player, the black wire will hang as if the vacuum is in use but it obviously won't, making it very difficult to select it and remove any items you have on it.

Sandstorm's also effect the connecting player in deep caves sometimes.

This is all on the steam version of the game

Thank you for taking your time to read this :)

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