Planets are all chopped up from orbit

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Platform: Steam

Version: Alpha

So my I introduced my father to Astroneer. He's really into the game, he's been playing way more than me (partly because he's using my account, but mainly 'cause I don't have much time from university). He has built a lot on every planet, a few bases on each, a highway going all the way around, just a lot of stuff. First when he made a couple bases and started putting markers, they would float in space away from the actual planet and where they are supposed to mark, so we lived with that for a bit, but then when he made ever more stuff, the planets themselves when looked at (initially from orbit) are "chopped" up, and later on they could even be seen like that from the other planets.

Here's from orbit at first:1880055992_viberimage4.thumb.jpg.2bfdad6390dec1cff8ed7b36ba008f34.jpg

And here's from another planet:1115619766_viberimage.thumb.jpg.dd89747056f13665c1657aded6ae5c67.jpg

And here's all the stuff he's been making all the time. I don't know if it's from the things, or just because he's been in the world for so long:1217391022_viberimage1.thumb.jpg.992c44755c4a73e0db8db478a52881f8.jpg1386286617_viberimage2.thumb.jpg.497c35d30221fac5ad4ed0cd75c25d78.jpg433377415_viberimage3.thumb.jpg.1da7046adfb89c0b81e62b6f28ca4777.jpg1508807397_viberimage5.thumb.jpg.ef45ee2ab561dabdf05bda7f1464f338.jpg

That's his biggest base, but there's a base on every planet, and a few only on some of them.

That's all, really.

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