Orbital Station / "Transport Shuttle"


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Hello community,

I have a little or big suggestion for a "Orbital Station" that you can build on a big shuttle an if you launch it, it uncouple it from the shuttle and it get like a Space Station that you can land on or couple on it (like the space station on the main menu) and you can go into it and make there some warehousing and you can build there a Transport Shuttle (like an big shuttle but you cant place a shuttle seat on it but control it with a controll panel and i would think about it that it hast a "follow mode" that it follow all your steps) what you can place some medium storages and send it to other planets or space stations.



Space Station:

2  Titanium alloy

4 plastic

2 Medium Solar Panels (just to make it something realistic for energy)


Transport Shuttle:

Little  Transport Shuttle(2 double for a big storage):

1 Titanium alloy

2 Plastic

+ rocket propulsion 


Medium Transport Shuttle(5 double storages also 2 big storages and 1 extra medium storage have place there) :

2 Titanium alloy

4 Plastic

+rocket propulsion

Big Transport Shuttle(8 or 10 double storages also 4/5 big storages)

5 Titanium alloy

6 Plastic

(rocket propulsion is allready build in)




Many thanks your Astroneer Fan Rook

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On 1/21/2019 at 11:08 PM, 17216gaming said:

yes that sounds good i hope that gets added.

good idea.


Thank you 


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