Vitamin C

VTOL to fly over the land

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I was thinking that it would be nice to have a vehicle that has the ability to fly. This vehicle could have the name, VTOL ( vertical take-off and landing ). Since it would be nice to have such mobility, it would probably be best to trade it with a challenge. Which is, researching the vehicle (VTOL) from the "unknown" objects that are scattered in Terran or other planets. during the exploration, players will have the ability to store their items in the 4-slots storage that is placed behind the 1-seat. The VTOL is going to require 4 Aluminum(s) to build it in the Vehicle Bay. This vehicle is going to be powered by Hydrazine, a fuel that is used to power the shuttle/spaceship. 3 Hydrazine should fully fill the fuel tank. Now, this is where players would probably find their self stuck. They have many options to use the Hydrazine. The first option is to use it on shuttle/spaceship to explore other planets for resources or they could use the Hydrazine to use it on the VTOL to explore the planet they are in. Hydrazine may be common, but eventually, they will run out. But on the good side, the VTOL would have a very efficient engine, which means it is not needed to constantly refuel. If the VTOL runs out of fuel, it would glide down by its own wing (I did not included in the drawing). The wings that I forgot to draw would be on the sides of the fuel tank. The controls and its speeds are up to the developers. This new vehicle could give players the ability to explore a land with ease. Anyways, why work so hard driving your rover or truck up the mountain, when you can take flight (possible achievement name) :P  

Note to developers: If this is possible to be in the game, feel free to change the design. The point of this Vehicle is to give players extreme mobility! Oh and, sorry for the horrific drawing... 

                                                                                                                                                                                     -Vitamin C

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Top View.jpg

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