How about a feature called "Photo Mode"?

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Hello all,

I was playing around with Astroneer earlier and I had an idea that came to me about a new feature suggestion I had. I was wondering how any of the developers or the community would feel about having a feature called "Photo Mode" where you can take photos of your Astroneer astronaut while on a planet or after a discovery is made. I also thought players would find the mode more enjoyable if they had a group friends who they play with and they used "Photo Mode" for a group picture. 

Anyways just wondering what everyone else thought! 


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Yes this game is bee-youtiful and I looove taking pictures of me and my friends and anything else. I frequently make roads up mountains ( or just off-road it) to take pics from the top. Maybe this could even be first person? Just for a snapshot? Idk I think this is cool tho.

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